The 5 Knives web site is down temporarily while we revisit the program and supply of family farm-raised meats.

Vermont Smoke and Cure (VSC) initiated a market withdrawal and stopped production of our 5 Knives brand products after being notified there was a possibility the pork we were selling may not match the 5 Knives label and mission. We took this step immediately after being made aware of issues with the pork protocol of the supplying farmer.

The market withdrawal is only a labeling issue and no health risks exist.

We do not have additional information about the supply and labeling situation that we feel certain enough to share. The USDA or other government bodies may be investigating further and they will make any statements of fact.

VSC is committed to creating additional demand for family farm-grown meats and is actively working to identify new farmers and preparing to bring their meats to market under the 5 Knives recipes and label.

We appreciate and thank you for your interest –
please check back in the future.

- Chris, Don and the Smokehouse Crew at Vermont Smoke and Cure